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Sardinia Pizza
10am - 9pm (delivery hours)
16 Wuhouci Heng St.
028 8559 0492

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Like most customers at Sardinia, we usually order pizza, but this time we felt like exploring more of the menu, which seems too large for such a little restaurant. On this trip we ordered a salad and hamburger on top of the obligatory pizza.

After waiting long enough to finish off two magazines from the reading rack, the chef's salad hits the table smelling like a plate of breakfast due to the freshly cooked bacon on top. The salad was a big pile of naked iceberg lettuce garnished with rolled up pieces of fried egg, curiously cut hard tomatoes, and bacon. The salad comes with a side of Thousand Island dressing, and it wasn’t too bad.

The hamburger, on the other hand, loses its appeal about halfway through. The bun was OK and came nicely toasted, but the patty had no beef flavor at all or of anything else really.
The bacon and mushroom pizza brought our appetites back with its nicely browned topping of cheese and well-balanced toppings. (There was no sign of the parmesan cheese that the menu promised the pizza came with though.) The crust was crisp and just thick enough to stand up to the weight of the toppings. The sauce was a little bland, but overall this was still the best dish of the group. We will definitely stick with ordering pizza when we come here.

The dining room at Sardinia is comfortable and non-smoking. The bathroom is Chinese style and has instructions not to do a #2 written in English, Chinese, and Tibetan. This is a smaller restaurant and the kitchen seems to get overloaded easily; if there are a couple of tables ahead of you, there will be a bit of a wait. The food here does not taste any worse, or much better, than what you would get at restaurants with similar menus like, Peter’s and Zoe’s, but the prices are below average. Nine inch pizzas average 45 RMB each, while 11-inch pizzas are 10RMB more.

Sardinia Pizza
Sardinia Pizza