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Ami Vegetarian Restaurant
10:30am - 10pm
5-4, North Tongzilin Rd.
028 8515 9101
The Ami Vegetarian Restaurant and cafe serves Western-style vegetarian food and drinks in an elegant and comfortable setting. Their well-trained staff, non-smoking environment, and wireless internet ensure your time there will be comfortable.
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Unique in Chengdu, the recently opened, Ami, serves Western-style vegetarian food. The interior is elaborately decorated, but comfortable; with mostly booth seating that gives each table its own space. The servers are welcoming and well-trained. The short, bilingual menu emphasizes healthy food.

On our first visit, the server recommended the spring rolls, which came sliced lengthwise showing off their colorful filling. We were impressed with the knife skills that produced this display from rolls that were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. A little more mushroom or taro would have really improved the flavor though.

We tried the Mexican bean salad next, which seemed to be made of a base of mashed cooked soybeans and had chick peas, corn, red beans, onion, and other plant-based material. The plate came drizzled in ketchup and although it was pleasing to the eye, we wished there was more. The Hawaiian papaya salad contained papaya (surprise!) and melon, mixed in an orange mayonnaise-y sauce and topped with a little mizuna. The melon was nice and tender, and the papaya's hardness reminded us of its Chinese name – wood fruit.

Drinks deserve a special mention, since the place has wireless and works very well as a café. The iced coffee was brewed to order and came with milk and syrup on the side. The two-color grapefruit tea (labeled, pomelo, on the Chinese menu) was very similar to Korean citrus tea. Their wine list has a decent selection, and while you can't order by the glass they have some smaller bottles available. They also do fresh blended fruit juices.

You can get a snack and a drink for under 40RMB, or pay around 70RMB per person for a complete meal. Omnivores may feel the need to fill up on some street barbecue after leaving, but Ami is a welcome addition to the vegetarian scene in Chengdu, and a great place for a study session or coffee meet-up.

Ami Vegetarian Restaurant
Ami Vegetarian Restaurant Ami Vegetarian Restaurant Ami Vegetarian Restaurant