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Cool Hot
10am -10pm
2/F, Hongpailou Plaza (Across from the Wanda International Film City)

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Hong Pai Lou Plaza on Jialing Road is beginning to come to life. The new Carrefour has been open for a few months now, and the smaller stores are beginning to get some traffic. It's just outside the second ring on the #1 bus line so it is easy to reach from just about anywhere. I dropped by the other day and stopped for a bite at Cool Hot, which sells German sausages and ice cream, and has light and dark Qingdao on tap. The other customers were enjoying ice cream in waffle cones, but I was curious to try the sausages, which were advertised as genuine Thuringer-style. They came in several flavors: curry, corn, black pepper, and original.

The signboard menu is all in Chinese, but is simple enough to navigate if you know what you’re looking for. You can order a sausage by itself (香肠), a hot dog (热狗), or a set meal plate (套餐) which is composed of two sausages and your choice of sides. For starch (主食) you can get French fries (薯条), mashed potatoes (土豆泥), a baked potato (考土豆), and more. You also have a choice of vegetables and sauces, which are easier to pick out since they are in a display case.

With the set meal I sampled one original flavor and one black pepper sausage. The black pepper sausage was the better of the two, though both tubes of meat seemed a little tired from sitting on the grill. Next time I would just ask, which sausage was freshest. The mashed potatoes were decent. I thought they could have added some salt, but considering with the sausages, I doubt I’m not meeting my daily requirement of sodium. The mustard was fantastic and really made the plate. I would definitely stop back in for a break from shopping or a pre-movie snack. The set meal came to 23 RMB; a dog and a beer will set you back about thirty.

Cool Hot
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