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10am - 9:30pm
89 Qingnian Rd., Yanshikou
0512 8667 7076

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
When friends repeatedly recommended Milo's to me I was very sceptical, but lately have been finding myself there more and more. Milo's is a local chain restaurant with characters from a certain Disney movie on the walls and menu. Our favourite branch is the one at Yanshikou, on the seventh floor of the Zhang Roast Duck building. This Milo's is in the middle of one of the busiest areas of town but is always calm and quiet, while the prices are astoundingly low. I usually end up spending less here than I would at KFC. Pizzas are all less than 30RMB, and pastas are less than 20.

The large menu has no English, but is very well illustrated and features several types of pizza, pasta, and other Western foods. The cooking is not the main attraction here and exploring the menu for a hidden gem probably won’t pay out the way you hope it will, so your best bets are simpler dishes such as pizza, pasta, and garlic bread. I do love the garden salad, which is large, fresh, nicely arranged (though the kidney beans seem a little out of place) comes in at a grand total of 8RMB. It comes with a gravy boat full of Thousand Island on the side.
From 2:00pm to 5:30pm they serve an afternoon tea special for 12RMB, about half what you would expect to pay elsewhere, which includes one drink and one sweet. The Chinese tea-flavored crème brûlée was interesting though probably not a re-order due to its strange texture, and the mango pudding was pretty with a tangy sauce, but not the type that uses fresh mangoes. Most of the hot drinks are made from some kind of powdered mix, but they do have some local green teas.

The service here is very good, bordering on the too attentive – if you raise your head and look around the dining room, a server will soon appear at your side asking if you need anything. The decor in the comfortable dining room is best described as eclectic, but it does work. There is a selection of magazines to browse as well.

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