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Symphonie Fusion Restaurant
11:30am - 9pm (Tuesday to Sunday)
11 Blu-ray Times Huazhang Square, 2 Down East Ave.
028 8127 7917

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Symphonie is one of the very few indie restaurants in town which offers a new world take on Western food and does it very authentically and well. The proprietors, originally from Taiwan and semi-retired, have years of restaurant experience in America; she runs the front of the house and he takes care of the back. The restaurant is tucked into a corner of the large plaza just across Dong Da Street from Chunxi Road. It's a narrow white room with wicker chairs and glass tables, where you feel equally at ease dressed up or down.

The Chinese and English menu features elevated comfort food and retro dishes that come out with modern touches. We liked the salmon cakes over a mango and tomato salsa, a nice light dish, and the ham steak which was the special of the day. Each main dish comes served with a potato based soup and a little salad. One dish that seems to be on every table is the cheese topped mashed potatoes. We don't get the appeal. It tastes just like the same dish you made as an after school snack when you were ten. The higher-end dishes on the menu are much more rewarding.

The house-made desserts include tiramisu, which shares a display with lavendar panna cotta and chocolate raspberry cheesecake. We dropped in for something sweet one afternoon and found they will pour a cup of coffee or tea with refills for free with a piece of cake, which makes it one of the better-valued downtown afternoon tea specials.

The very good American-style service, where you feel well taken care of by a host who is responsible for your enjoyment and comfort, really adds to the experience at Symphonie. We also love that it is non-smoking. There are only a couple of tables for four and one table for six, so calling ahead is highly recommended if you are going with a group. The place is priced for occasions, so expect to pay 150 to 200 RMB per person.

Symphonie Fusion Restaurant
Symphonie Fusion Restaurant Symphonie Fusion Restaurant Symphonie Fusion Restaurant