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Izakaya Hara-Abu
11am - 3pm, 5pm - 2am
106, 1/F, Building 6, Languifang
028 6650 1411
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
We are starting to feel a faint pulse in Lan Kwai Fong, the new entertainment street along the Fu where it meets the Nan. On a recent Friday evening a lot of the crowd was construction workers and most of the ambient noise was power tools, but a few of the clubs and shops were attracting customers. Since good Japanese food is notoriously hard to find in this town, we were particularly excited to see an izakaya, a style of Japanese restaurant that specializes in small bites to go with drinks.

The menu at Hara Abu is surprisingly large for an izakaya, running the gamut of Japanese cuisine, but is well-illustrated and translated. We decided to stick with the snack and drink theme. The salmon sushi was surprisingly fresh and firm. It's been ages since I ate a piece of locally served raw fish that had no skin or other debris sticking to it, and bit through cleanly. The shiso leaves done up tempura style could have been crisper, but we were so happy to be eating fresh shiso we polished them off. The grilled chicken came folded like an accordion and was addictively seasoned. It was a nice change from the spicy and greasy grilled chicken skin that we always pick up at street barbecue stands.

After nine the crowd started to shift towards a younger clientele, and the atmosphere became club-like. Madonna's True Blue - every song from the album - started playing, and later on a band started playing pop covers. The drinks menu lists several beers, including Kirin and Asahi, and a short collection of cocktails: martini, mojito, gin and tonic. Their sake and shoju menu lists about a dozen of each type of spirit and is suited for those who are looking to spend in the four figures and up for the evening. Lunch sets are 48-128 RMB, for dinner and drinks look to spend between 150-200 RMB per person. There is a parking entrance off of Binjiang Dong Road, or a bit lot north of the complex

Izakaya Hara-Abu
Izakaya Hara-Abu Izakaya Hara-Abu Izakaya Hara-Abu