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Koko Casa
10am - 10pm
3/F, B Renhengzhidi Plaza, South Renmin Rd.
028 6210 0299
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
For months this coffee, chocolate, and gelato shop in Yanlord Landmark had an, “Opening Soon!” sign out front. A few weeks ago the doors were open, but they were only doing a soft opening, and were serving coffee and chocolate truffles for free. The staff promised their official opening would be in December. We popped in again recently and saw a counter full of chocolates and a few desserts, but were told we still need to wait another month for the gelato. The desserts on offer were a brownie, a piece of cheesecake, and a cream puff trio. They were all attractively plated, but didn't look as inviting as the chocolates.

Koko has a map on the wall showing the world's chocolate producing regions. The server told me the chocolate was all from a single origin, imported from France. They were featuring a very attractive special with one coffee and one dessert, or one coffee and three chocolates for 58 RMB. I decided to go with the special so that I could try a few of the chocolates and selected a white chocolate and lemon, vanilla caramel with milk chocolate, and a dark chocolate filled with a brandied cherry.

The chocolates were made with obviously high-quality ingredients and good attention to detail. Each flavor was bang on natural, with no trace of fake vanilla or too-sweet chemical fruit. The dark chocolate and brandied cherry made a very intense and adult combination. The smooth vanilla caramel was not overwhelmed by its milk chocolate coating, and the white chocolate was a perfect foil for the tangy lemon filling. The latte was good, above average for Chengdu. Koko is a great place to drop in for a treat or a shopping break. They also sell chocolates at 15 RMB per gram, which works out to 10 to 15RMB per piece. We can't wait to come back and try the gelato.

Koko Casa
Koko Casa