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11:30am til late, kitchen closes at 9:30 pm
Alley Between 1855 & BABIII, Jiuyan Bridge
九眼桥1855和 BABIII之间的巷子里
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
The Underground is right off the first ring, on the University side of Jiu Yan Qiao. Despite the super-convenient location we had to wander a bit to find the place, since it's tucked in a walkway between two clubs. Underground is the kind of place that turns from a diner during the day into a bar at night; with a large screen for showing football games and such. We were pleasantly surprised at the separate room for non-smokers, away from the bar area, and made ourselves at home there. They have wireless Internet available, so it would be a cosy place to come and study or work in the afternoons, when they offer tea and coffee at half price.

The bilingual menu, as English-accented as the conversation that floats around, features salads, a couple of burgers, fish and chips, and pies – the savoury kind – with chips. We were impressed with the beer list, which contained about twenty types from all over the world, and made a mental note to stop in for a cold one once the weather heats up. From the drink list we asked for a gin and tonic but they use the yuckily sweet Watsons tonic water so we switched to a gin and soda. The servers all communicated easily in English.

We decided to sample the fish and chips and a burger. The burger was a little dry, but maybe we shouldn't have requested it well done. The fish and chips were a solid and crispy battered filet with logs of chunky chips and a very nice tartar sauce on the side. The chips were a little softer than we like, but how many other places in town serve them with malt vinegar and salt? We didn't see any sweets on the menu but when we asked they had apple pie and chocolate cake. The apple pie we ordered was more like a frangipane tart, with the fruit sunk into a filling, than our North American idea of pie, but it was tasty. We really like the homey cooking here and the student friendly location and prices. Expect to pay around 40RMB for main dishes and around 20RMB each for drinks and sweets.

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