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Lost Taipei
11:00am-10:30pm weekdays 11:00am-11:00pm weekends
2 - 6, Baiyunjie Rd., West Yulin Rd.
139 8226 7703
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Yulin is one of our favorite areas. We love the walkable streets. We love shopping for 'waimao', or foreign clothes there. We love its outstanding fresh market, and we love how it has been developing gradually during recent years while keeping its neighborhood flavor. We recently spied a new kid on the block, sandwiched in between one of the hottest hot pot restaurants in the area, and said hot pot place’s overflow dining room.

The newcomer is a little dessert shop called Lost Taipei. We really dug the cozy and inviting decor in the place when we dropped in. Most of the other customers in the late afternoon were hanging around with their laptops. One customer was enjoying a Coca-Cola with slices of strawberries floating in it. We saw a few cigarettes, but the air quality was okay, and they had the air conditioner on, keeping the place toasty.

Lost Taipei has a dessert which is very rarely seen on local menus called dun nai (炖奶). The server said it was like Cantonese shuang pi nai, or 'double skin' milk pudding, which can be ordered plain or with fruit on the side. The menu also has a couple of pages of tofu, bean, and grain style desserts. We really love these nourishing and not too sweet snacks, but wanted something a bit brighter so decided to try the special dessert, which was 25RMB and had mango, tapioca, purple potato and taro balls, and shreds of pomelo in a coconut flavored soup. It was quite good, and the potato and taro balls were softer and with a more natural taste than any others we've eaten. The other offerings were familiar mixes of tapioca and coconut, sticky rice and ice cream, and fruit with their house-made yogurt. You can also build your own dessert with their handmade taro balls, fruit, tapioca, ice cream, coconut jelly, and herbal jelly. There are a few blended fruit drinks as well. The menus themselves are beautiful and hand-lettered in traditional Chinese. Helpfully, there are pictures of everything. The staff was a little green, but showed a good spirit of hospitality and clearly took pride in their offerings

Lost Taipei
Lost Taipei