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11am - 11pm
120, Shidaihuazhang, East St.
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
On a recent trip to Hong Kong we couldn't help noticing, and sampling, the treats coming out from frozen yogurt + topping bar shops that seemed to be on every block. This trend has now landed in Chengdu by way of a very welcome newcomer to the complex on the low rent side of Dong Da Jie with a fun and apt name: Yummy. Yummy dishes up three flavors of soft serve frozen yogurt – original, strawberry, and coffee. With each order you can select from their appetizing toppings bar, which includes several kinds of fresh and dried fruit, candy, corn flakes, chocolate, and nuts. They also mix up some gorgeous looking parfaits and milkshakes. Most of their business appears to be takeout but there are a couple of small tables and we were fortunate to snag one after a hot and tiring afternoon of Chunxi Road shopping.

At first we found the ordering process a little confusing since most of the toppings are free but the luxury toppings have a 2 or 3RMB surcharge. The bilingual menu emphasizes the health benefits of their offerings with descriptions like 'high fibre mango' and 'antioxidant green tea'. Each menu item also includes calorie information, which really impressed us. A medium order averages around 200 calories, which makes it a very worthwhile indulgence. We decided to try the original flavor yogurt first, which came up tasting clean and more sweet than tangy. As for the texture, if we didn't already know it was fat free we could have told from the first mouthful, but you can't expect creamy complexity from fat free frozen yogurt. For toppings we picked out grapefruit (3RMB), granola (also extra), and fruit pop cereal. This was a great tangy and crunchy combination. We are looking forward to going back and sampling more of their flavors and toppings combinations. Expect to drop around 25RMB/ person.