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Mike's Pizza Kitchen
11am - 10pm Mon. - Sat.
028 8522 6453

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
On those occasions for which delivered pizza is the sustenance most suited, Mike's has become our supplier of choice. The pizzas on Mike's menu are named after characters in kid's books. The Frog Prince can share a table with Goldilocks and Mama Bear. Brer Rabbit can nestle up to Snow White and Red Riding Hood. We are very partial to the cheesy combination of Snow White. We like The King with its sweetish barbecue sauce base, though it reminds us a bit too much of Pizza Hut. If we had to pick a favourite it would be the spicy and salty Red Riding Hood. Oddly, all of our favourites are named after girls. We keep wondering if Mike is going to come out with a Little Mermaid pizza with seafood on it.

Mike's Pizza also offers a few sides such as salads and french fries (when were delivered french fries ever a good idea?) A few months ago Mike started offering cheesecake and recently we tried their fresh baked cookies. The cookies cost 30RMB and are the size of a small pizza. We tried the fresh baked chocolate chip cookie, which came soft inside with half melted chocolate chips, and everyone thought it was great.

Not only is the pizza from Mike's a little higher priced than the standard delivery options in town, but the thin crust and carefully spread toppings means it takes more pieces to fill the average tank. So a table of carb loading running buddies or the friends who are doing the heavy lifting during your move will burn through a lot more $$ worth of pizza than the slightly higher prices may lead you to expect. However, we do think the pizza is worth it. We also love that none of the pizza has corn on it.

Mike's Pizza Kitchen
Mike's Pizza Kitchen Mike's Pizza Kitchen Mike's Pizza Kitchen