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It's Cup
10am - 10pm
9-5, Gaoshengqiao Rd.
028 8508 9611
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
It took us forever to find It's Cup, since most of that block seems to be #9 Gaoshengqiao Rd. It's actually along South Gaoshengqiao Road, right behind the Louvre Plaza but not inside it. We were determined to find the little shop since indie cafés that do their own Western style baking are so rare in town. It's Cup serves coffee, tea, and cupcakes (杯子蛋糕). They offer crème brûlée, torched to order, comme il faut, and a few kinds of cookies. They also do baked goods to order via their Taobao store.

The rather diffident server did not offer any recommendations on the wares, so we rolled the dice on a banana cupcake capped with a pile of white icing and sprinkles. Other flavours included black forest, coconut, peanut butter, and black sugar. The iced cupcake did not quite meet our expectations since the cake could have been moister and the icing's texture was too close to shortening. We decided to try the non-iced cupcakes and had much better luck with a green tea cupcake with red beans inside and a chocolate cupcake with cream cheese baked into the top. The lack of sweetness meant these were more like muffins than cupcakes, but it has been ages since we've had a decent, fresh-baked muffin. Against the server's protests of, “It's strong! And so small!” We also ordered a decent macchiato.

We were bigger fans of the thumb-sized, 1RMB each, sugar cookies. We tried an almond cookie, a green tea snowball, and a cat's paw. They were just a bite each but the flavours came through well and they had the right textures – crisp for the almond, crumbly for the snowball. The cookies lack the uniformity of mass-produced sweets, but that is part of the charm. We liked the cosy, non-smoking, Wi-Fi-equipped interior at It's Cup and will be back. Cupcakes are 10-12RMB, cookies 1RMB each, and coffee 20-35RMB/cup.

It's Cup
It's Cup It's Cup