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Amber, Millennium Hotel
8am - 10pm, Dinner Buffet 5:30pm-10pm
41 South Shenxianshu Rd.
028 8512 7777 xt. 7777
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
The Millenium Hotel's Amber restaurant has recently had a new executive chef, Yosef Szeto, take the reins. Chef Szeto has been at the helm for only a few weeks but has already made significant changes to the menu at Amber. MORE was recently invited for the evening buffet and also offered a few special dishes that are sometimes prepared for long-term guests of the hotel. We sampled a perfectly pink lamb loin with mustard and pesto, chickpea and artichoke puree topped with winter vegetables, beef tenderloin with sides of purple potato and pumpkin, and pan fried fish with confit cherry tomato and garlic. The flavours and presentation combined into some of the most 'didao' (authentic) Western dishes we've eaten in Chengdu.
Amber's buffet includes tempting dishes such as duck confit, sambal mussels, roast beef tenderloin, oysters in Mornay sauce, and fried fish. The ratio of Western to Chinese dishes is higher than at other hotel buffets, but representing the home team they did have a, knock your socks off, mao cai that could be made with shrimp so fresh they went, in a flash, from swimming in the fish tank to swimming in the spicy soup. There were highly untraditional, but tasty, enchiladas pan-cooked to order with a selection of toppings to add. Also cooked to order was a marinated pork dish that we loved.

The last thing you taste is often the first thing you remember about a meal, and the desserts at Amber were a worthy finish. We sampled a fantastic walnut caramel tart, and a napoleon with suitably flaky pastry and a thin layer of chocolate. Mint mousse, chocolate fudge cake, sacher torte, panna cotta, the requisite ice cream bar, and fresh cut fruit rounded out the dessert offerings.

While other hotels' buffet restaurants can have a rather cafeteria-like feel Amber, with its mirrors, gorgeous light fixtures, and tasteful seasonal decorations, feels like a place where you would come to celebrate. There is a semi-private area with room for thirty to forty people. During December, Amber will offer a festive family buffet on the weekends featuring traditional Christmas foods and a stocking for the little ones. They are also doing a special celebration dinner on Christmas Eve.

Amber, Millennium Hotel
Amber, Millennium Hotel Amber, Millennium Hotel Amber, Millennium Hotel