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Oakleaf Restaurant
2/F, Oakwood Apartments, 7 Xinxiwang Rd.
028 8535 6666
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
The Oakleaf restaurant is part of the, American-based, Oakwood serviced apartments, located a short walk east of the Tongzilin metro station. Because of its serviced apartment base business, The Oakleaf has traditionally catered to the needs of its guests and has more expertise in business dining and hosting events. Recently, The Oakleaf has been welcoming more neighbourhood diners by offering holiday specials, high tea, and other promotions. The menu offers dishes to suit everyday as well as occasions. There are appetizers, sandwiches and burgers, a few entrees, desserts, a selection of local dishes, and both local and imported steaks. MORE was recently hosted by The Oakleaf and sampled some of the menu. Their chef, Hans Wang, has put in time with many five-star hotels and turns out some very solid Western dishes.

We tried, from the appetizer menu, a colourful shrimp cocktail, which was like a mixed vegetable salad topped with grilled shrimp. The Caesar salad had the necessary bacon bits, croutons, and dressing without anything superfluous. The corn soup was a perfect appetizer with an elegant presentation and light taste. We thought the pan-seared salmon filet was well cooked and its bed of mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus made a worthy accompaniment. The teppanyaki beef came out on a sizzling hot plate with a nice assortment of vegetables. We liked how the plate did a nice caramelization job not only on the beef but on the vegetables, and we thought the sauce on the side was among the best we've had in Chengdu. The Italian-tomato cheese pizza came out with a nice thin crust.

The menu prices are comparable with other Western restaurants in town, but we feel a superior product is being presented at The Oakleaf. Afternoon tea is 58RMB for one person or 98RMB for two. The Oakleaf is doing a steak promotion in March. Several cuts of both domestic and imported beef are on offer including T-bone, rib-eye, and tenderloin.

Oakleaf Restaurant
Oakleaf Restaurant Oakleaf Restaurant Oakleaf Restaurant