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La Boheme
1pm - 9pm
1/F, Age Huazhang, 188-12, East St.
028 8671 3606

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Few treats are as luxurious and at the same time light as macaroons – the cookie made from egg white, sugar, and often sandwiched around a sweet filling. We were intrigued when a new shop making and selling home-made macaroons appeared in Chengdu - La Boheme.

The macaroons have imaginative names such as My Blueberry Nights, Lemon Paradise, Orange Sunshine, and Earl Grey Joy and have a sweet, icing-type, filling. The bright colours are as mood-lifting as the names. Our favourite flavour was a hot pepper macaroon with chocolate filling, but it is almost never available every time we visit. They also have a cookie called Charles Bridge, which has an egg white base similar to a macaroon but is shaped like a long bar and served in the café with whipped cream on top. We actually liked this confection better than their macaroons. You can order packages of the cookies to go, but moisture is the great enemy of a macaroon – the baking process is more of a long, slow, drying. This means that in Chengdu's famously humid weather, the cookies lose their crispness easily and are best consumed within the day.

La Boheme also has a short, but quality, drink menu. Tea and coffee are perfect with some of their signature products. Cream and syrup are extra. Candles and flowers on the tables and black and white prints of European urban scenes on the walls set the mood. La Boheme is a good place for quiet conversation or somewhere to sit if you have been braving the mad shopping crowds on Chunxi Rd and need a break. Coffee and a sweet treat or two will be around 30RMB, but they often have specials.

La Boheme
La Boheme La Boheme