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Wraps Deli
10am - 10pm (food orders 12am-2pm; 6pm-9:30pm)
1/F, Shuting Hotel, 29 Kuixinglou St.
028 8663 2322
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Wraps Deli is one of those places that we've been hearing about for ages and never gotten around to visiting, and then having finally gone are kicking ourselves for not going sooner. It's one of the numerous new restaurants near Xiao Tong Xiang, just north of Kuanzhai Xiangzi. The name conjures up convenience store food, but the menu is sophisticated and well illustrated with Chinese, English, and pictures. The diners seemed to be on date nights or relaxing with friends.

The world wraps menu includes Spanish fajita, Norwegian salmon in lefse, Vietnamese shrimp spring roll, and tempura fried fish tacos. We were happy to see a good selection of main dish salads on the menu and tried the seared tuna Caesar salad, which came with a decent, if small piece of fish that was hiding under a thick coat of aioli. We were impressed that the aioli had a good jolt of garlic, since aioli on other local menus seems to get lost in translation as Kewpie. The dressing on the salad was similarly generous. The mushroom feuilletee appetizer was a nest of phyllo pastry filled with mushrooms in sauce, making us wish we were in a local restaurant and could call for more rice to soak up some of that sauce.

Rather than order the non-house-made desserts from the case, we asked for a chocolate and banana crepe from the wraps menu. It wasn't terrible, but we would order something else if we went back. The drinks menu has fresh juices, smoothies, coffee and tea, and a few cocktails. We were more interested in the wine menu, but saw only bottles listed. When we asked, they did have a red and white house wine by the glass, which was a decent pour served in a serious wine glass at the correct temperature.

Portions impress more with quality than size, but that is how we like it. Wraps and apps are all under 40RMB, salads around 40, pastas 50-60, and entrees 60-90. The glass of wine was 39RMB. We are looking forward to going back and exploring more of the menu.

Wraps Deli
Wraps Deli Wraps Deli Wraps Deli