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Soul Mate
6:30am - 10:30pm
Rhombus Fantasia, 216 East St.
028 6292 8888

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
The Rhombus Fantasia hotel is unique addition to Chengdu's hotel landscape. The lobby feels like that of a modern art museum. Though Rhombus has fewer rooms than its five-star peers, the all-suite hotel has luxuriously appointed suites featuring large windows, openwork room dividers, and furniture arranged to make the space feel roomy and comfortable. MORE was recently hosted in their restaurant, Soul Mate.

The interior of Soul Mate, done up in cool greys, provides a pleasant setting to relax, especially on a sultry day. The menu covers an enormous amount of territory on a single page with dishes from all corners of the globe. The choices include both comfort food and more sophisticated plates. You can get a pizza, a burger, a steak, or sample international specialities such as Malaysian bat tuk keh and Hungarian stew. The vegetarian selections are clearly marked. The drinks menu is just as extensive as the food menu with a list of classic cocktails, a half dozen scotches, several whiskies and spirits, and a few fresh blended juices and mocktails. We really liked the refreshing summer fruit mocktail and admired the artistic glassware.

When the dishes arrived were impressed by the plating, which was of the standard we might expect from an art hotel. Low-fat and Vitamin Rice Risotto with Mushrooms was an intriguing choice. It looked great on the plate, and you can't go too far wrong with mushrooms and rice. The sambal shrimp came with a generous amount of shrimp in spicy sauce, nicely presented with a grilled pineapple spear on the side. The pesto and asparagus pasta looked gorgeous on the black plate. The New York cheesecake came with a side of blueberry sauce. The New Zealand ice cream came was served in a chocolate bowl, making it way more fun to eat. Mains are around 100RMB each, salads, appetizers and desserts 40-100RMB.

Soul Mate
Soul Mate Soul Mate Soul Mate