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Café GiGi
7am - 10pm
Minshan Hotel, 55, Sect. 2nd, South Renmin Rd.
028 85583333 3201
Lunch Buffet 139RMB/person.
Dinner Buffet 168RMB/person.
Fri/Sat 218RMB/person includes draft beer,
November Lunch Special: 99RMB/person for seniors on weekends.

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
A couple blocks south of Tianfu square, steps away from the Jinjiang subway stop and airport bus, the Minshan hotel's convenience is unparallelled for those who like a central location. We hadn't been since the renovation last year brought the hotel up to five-star status, and we were impressed with the elegant new surroundings. The service is as cordial and helpful as ever.

The buffet at Minshan does not offer as many options as some of the other large hotels, but does one of the best jobs of bringing local and Sichuan regional food, in its variety and seasonality, to guests. The cold dishes included Leshan sweet-skinned duck and a spicy cold-tossed chicken. The huge pot of soft tofu, made fresh every day, is a point of pride in the restaurant. We scooped up a bowl of it and topped it with spicy seasonings. We were impressed with the quality of the other offerings as well. The sushi was properly chilled and sliced to order. There were fifteen kinds of seafood and several meats that could be cooked to order on display. The lamb was from Inner Mongolia. There was a handful of standard dim sum items – shrimp dumplings, shao mai, steamed ribs, congee, and a fortifying chicken soup.

We appreciate that tea and coffee are included in the buffet, and their self-serve coffee machine brews a pretty good cup. The dessert selection was large and inviting, but not the easiest to navigate. The best sweets were on a back table. We always like coming across something we've never tried at a buffet, and the Hakka-style fried cakes, made of sticky rice with a sweet filling, were an interesting Chinese-style dessert. They have a selection of sakes to go with the sushi, and a wine list that includes a couple of bottles in the low three figures.

Café GiGi
Café GiGi Café GiGi Café GiGi