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11am-10:30pm weekdays; 11am-11pm weekends
5/F, Shuangnan Ito Yokado, 6 Yidu Rd., West Sect.1st, 2nd Ring Rd.
028 8536 6672
028 8536 5272

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
The food floor of the Shuangnan Ito Yokado has just sprouted several slick new restaurants – besides the regular food court fare is new local food, Japanese, Korean, and a buffet. MORE dropped in to try the wares at Capricciosa, which bills itself as a trattoria via Tokyo. A well known chain in its home country, our Chengdu branch is the first on the mainland. The menu features basic Italian fare, and the pastas and salads can all be ordered on small or large, shareable, portions served up family style.

We were impressed with the Caesar salad, made up with fresh, not over-dressed greens with croutons, bacon bits, and cheese. Our favourite thing we tried was the pasta pescatora, which had a sweet and spicy red seafood sauce. We were impressed with the texture of the noodles, which had a good bite to them. We also tried one of the selections from their page of fresh pasta, and got a bowl of comfort in mushroom pasta with a cream sauce. The pizzas all come in thin or thick crust. We asked for thin and got a tomato pizza with crust as crisp and thin as a cracker. It also had the fragrance of a good olive oil, but the greenery on top was regular spinach instead of basil. They hope to offer the basil when they can source it.

When we asked about sweets, the servers enthusiastically recommended the fritella, a sharable dessert with ice cream and hot, freshly-fried, squares of dough which was pretty and tasty. The very clean open kitchen and hospitable and helpful staff at Capricciosa were up to the standards we've come to expect from this department store. They also serve up some of the better value we've found in Italian lately; you could share a salad and pizza with a friend and not spend much over 100 yuan for food only.

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