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The Living Room
11:30am - 2pm; 6:30pm - 9pm
1214, Building A, Soho Feicheng, 60 North Kehua Rd.
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Private kitchens are the underground and often exclusive reservation-only eating establishments offering limited or set menus of high-end food. MORE was invited to try a new private kitchen themed restaurant that recently opened up on the top floor of the SOHO building on Kehua North Road. The Living Room aims to offer Western food that is a step up from the fast food and diner-style dishes often turning up on menus in town. We dig the decor, which is vintage in some corners and modern industrial in others but cosy everywhere. There is even a private room where six people could dine comfortably. The matchbox-sized kitchen turns out a brief but eclectic menu of one soup, three appetizers, a handful of mains, and a dessert. The menu also changes regularly.

The pumpkin soup was excellent and was garnished with tarragon leaves and sunflower seeds. The chicken chasseur was covered with a sauce rich in mushrooms and onions. This dish, like the steak, was served on a bed of mashed potatoes which did a good job of soaking up the sauces. We liked that the vegetarian dishes were not an afterthought but done just as well as the other mains. One of our favourite dishes of the night was an upscale take on a Waldorf salad with grapes, apple, and celery, in iceberg cups. The raft-sized vegetarian lasagne, with its crunchy layer of cheese, was another winner. None of the portions felt skimpy, which we appreciated.

The dessert, described on the menu as blueberry and mint cheese topped with a crunchy biscuit, came as a plate of three supermarket cookies topped generously with sweetened mascarpone and a blueberry sauce. We think that given the newness of this place and the size of the kitchen, booking and ordering ahead is more likely to give guests a great eating experience, especially if you are coming with a group. The cost per person should be around 100-200RMB.

The Living Room
The Living Room The Living Room The Living Room