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10am - 10pm
B111, The Mixc Mall, 8 Shuangqing Rd., Chenghua District
028 6153 9353

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Chocolate is one of our favourite food gift items. In Chengdu, we are privileged to have a widening selection of higher-end chocolates around town. MORE has been making the rounds and sampling recently, and have concluded that one of the most classic brands in town is also one of the best. Godiva is a Belgian chocolate house with two locations in Chengdu. We appreciate the variety of chocolate and fillings on offer and how each type of chocolate is well matched to its filling both in flavour and texture.

The truffles' rough exteriors cover centres that include layers of solid chocolate and filling. The rum flavoured truffle went down like a cocktail. We also tried the dark chocolate tablet with vanilla filling, which really shone against the chocolate. The feather-shaped topping Autant, one of Godiva's signature pieces, was inspired by the feather in Scarlett O'Hara's hat in Gone with the Wind and was created to celebrate the movie's premiere. The chocolate is just as romantic as the classic film. There is always some seasonal special available and February will see a limited edition of heart-shaped candy in pretty and whimsical designs and mouth-watering fillings like passion fruit and mango, strawberry and litchi, and lemongrass and coconut.

We are also impressed with the service at Godiva. The staff is well-informed about the different types of chocolate and can describe ingredients and flavours. They also instruct customers on how to store the chocolate and, if you are shopping on a warm day, will give you an ice pack to help preserve your goods. We noticed the storage case was both temperature and moisture controlled. Godiva chocolate is not inexpensive, but can be bought by the piece at between 140-170 yuan/100gm.2

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