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10am - 10pm
4020, 4/F, Silver Stone Square, 99, Section 3rd, Hongxing Rd.
028 6519 6866
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Spying a Crumbs on the fourth floor of an under-construction mall in Chengdu was like seeing an oasis in a desert. Crumbs is king of the frozen yogurt scene in Hong Kong and now we don't need to wait for a visa run or layover to indulge. Crumbs offers smooth and tangy yogurt made with real milk along with the best selection of yogurt toppings we've run into in town yet. The eponymous crumb topping, a must-order, is like crushed graham crackers. They also have soft, chewy mochi, real mini Oreos, fresh blueberries, chocolate candy, lychee, chocolate chips, gummi bears, marshmallows, Trix cereal, and other goodies. We appreciate how the staff layers the ingredients in the cups so that you are always spooning up a mix of yogurt and toppings. A counter display explains that frozen yogurt has half the calories and almost no fat compared to ice cream, but we would eat it anyway.

The second genius offering at Crumbs is their scones. They are about 2 inches square, tender and crumbly and more authentic tasting than any other we've found in town. The scones are 8RMB a piece, served warm, and are great accompanied with a glass of tea. We are pleased to see Crumbs serving Twinings Tea at 10RMB/cup, instead of the ubiquitous Yellow Label. Other menu offerings include brownies available by the piece and as a yogurt topping, coffee-based drinks, and hot chocolate. Customers can pick up a regular-sized cup of frozen yogurt for 25RMB or a large cup for 30RMB, with toppings charged extra at 3RMB a piece. They have Wi-Fi available too. We hear Crumbs has plans for more locations in town.

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