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Hao Jia Xiang
10am - 10pm,
B2/F, Qunguang Plaza, 8 South Sect., Chunxi Rd.
400 9999 815

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Mid-Autumn festival, a major holiday on the Chinese calendar, is one of the most important times in the year for families to be together. One of the main traditions associated with the festival is eating (and gifting) rich, sweet, mooncakes. Every bakery and hotel has their signature mooncake. Starbucks and Haagen Dazs are also in on the tradition, and the boxes are as important as the contents. Traditional mooncake often has pastry on the outside and is filled with red bean, green bean, or lotus seed paste with the most elaborate cakes having an egg yolk filling, symbolizing the moon. However, trendier styles come out every year and we’ve noticed a lot of sweet/savoury meat fillings. We’ve been advised to get cheap mooncakes to eat and expensive ones to gift, but experience has taught us that low-end mooncakes are best avoided completely.

The Zhang family hails from Taiwan, but has been doing their craft in Chengdu for more than twenty years. Their mooncake and other sweets are very influenced by popular Taiwan style. MORE dropped in to their Chicony Square shop recently to sample some of the wares. The egg yolk pastry (蛋黄酥) was the most traditional of their sweets. One flavour of green bean cake (绿豆饼) had a Taiwanese style meat (卤肉) filling, but we were more impressed with the egg yolk filling (蛋黄绿豆饼). The flaky pastry, crumbly green bean, and egg yolk really worked together well. We were blown away by the tender crust and tangy, fruity, filling of the pineapple pastry (凤梨酥), which we’ve had before but never this good. We also sampled one of their ‘happiness cakes’ (喜饼), adorned with the newlywed double happiness (喜喜) symbol. The well-balanced and unusual combination of filling, which included red bean, pork floss, and a kind of rice cake for the ‘Q’ factor definitely made us happy. They also do a traditional wife cake (老婆饼) and a ‘husband cake’ (老公饼) with meat filling. Hao Jia Xiang does gift boxes from about RMB90 to the high three figures; individual cakes are around 9RMB each. Besides the Chicony Square location, they have a shop in the MixC Mall and other locations are on the way.

Hao Jia Xiang
Hao Jia Xiang Hao Jia Xiang