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MAAN Coffee
10am - 2pm
3-37, Ruilian Rd., Qinyang District;
Shengjiejiangpan, 1 - 1, Sect. 3rd, South Renmin Wuhou District
028 6135 3857
028 6429 2239
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
MAAN Coffee, now with two Chengdu locations, has a magic forest palace cavern interior, a menu specializing in generous portions of waffles and toast, and very good staff. There is also a decent Wi-Fi signal and international plug friendly outlets at most tables. This has proved an appealing combination for a hip, downtown crowd and their electronic devices. MORE recently dropped in to their riverside location just off of Renmin South Rd and was treated to a few of their specialties.

The waffles are large and have deep pockets for soaking up ice cream, cream, fruit sauce, and other toppings. We were impressed with the French toast that came with almonds and blueberries. There are worthy savoury options on the menu as well. We love that the salad-sided BLT has egg and cheese and mustard. The bulgoki burger features a modest portion of Korean barbecued beef on two English muffins with cheese, lettuce, and tomato and is another good if unconventional breakfast. The very good fresh blended juices are generous with fruit. Other drinks we tried were the chocolate mint latte, a mocha latte, and an iced hazelnut latte. The bing soo (Korean style shaved ice sundae) is a good choice on hot days and is available in large or individual portions. We were impressed with the quality of the ingredients, especially the imported cream, and the open food preparation area shows high standards of food handling. The teddy bear mascots, colour-coded for each order, keep customers company as they wait for their food to arrive. The display case menu makes ordering easy, and they always have English speaking staff on hand, which we appreciate.

We like MAAN in the A.M. for coffee and carbs or for a leisurely brunch. Later in the day, their large smoking area is filled with people who enjoy lighting up, though when the weather is clement and the whole dining area is open to the river the smokers do not make much difference. They have a private room that seats up to twenty, but like the other seating, it is first come, first served. The cost per person is a bit north of 50RMB.

MAAN Coffee
MAAN Coffee MAAN Coffee MAAN Coffee