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Frida Life
7:30am - 10pm
The Mixc city, Chenghua District
028 8352 7220

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
We felt pretty ‘zizai,’ or comfortable, when we walked into this small coffee shop in the corner of the Novo shop in the Mixc Shopping Centre. It’s the kind of shop that smells more of baking than coffee, and the display cases held several a tempting danish, cake, and bread. The cakes in the chilled display case attracted our attention with some flavours we don’t run into often in Chengdu. There were several kinds of napoleon, raspberry cheesecake, a decadent looking raspberry and chocolate cake and a prune cheesecake. They had a special of a drink with small dessert for 26RMB or with a large dessert for 46RMB. We tried the prune cheesecake, which made us wonder why we don’t find prunes and cheese paired more often. Like with any bakery, it pays to observe which product is freshest. Everything is made in-house, including their own cookies. We also wanted to try the pastries and got a cinnamon and raisin brioche, which was small but very good, and a very light and flaky almond croissant. There were several kinds of bread on sale as well and about half the customers were getting baking to take home.

The drinks menu was standard for coffee, with most espresso-based drinks around the 30RMB mark. The server prepared an americano with little water, as requested, and when asked for milk the server brought a tiny pitcher of freshly steamed milk, which was a very nice touch. They also have fresh juices on the menu for 36RMB per glass, and a vanilla bean hot chocolate. The baked goods are around 9RMB each; breads are around 20RMB per loaf. We are impressed with the quality of the goods on offer at Frida, and with the service. We also love that they open early in the morning; a coffee place that actually opens before work is rare in this town.

Frida Life
Frida Life Frida Life