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The Pancake Garden
10:30am - 10pm
28, 6/F, 1 Manhattan Phase, 49 South Sect. 4th, Renmin Rd., High-tech Zone
028 8705 0310
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Thanks to a certain Beijing-based coffee chain, waffles have become extremely popular in Chengdu; however, the pancake landscape remains sparse. We were thus intrigued when a new restaurant styled The Pancake Garden opened recently, steps from the Tongzilin subway station. Like most of the waffles in town, the pancakes at this place are presented as desserts and snacks rather than breakfast, with corresponding prices and portion sizes. The place opens at eleven, however, which is a reasonable enough brunch hour. We arrived to find Aussie touches both in the décor and the menu, like the huge flag hanging outside the door. The drinks menu also has a ‘long black’ coffee, more common around the antipodes, instead of an Americano.

The menu is bilingual and well illustrated with tempting looking pancakes. Most are served with fruit, ice cream, and various sweet sauces and jams but there are a couple of savoury options as well. The pancakes are all available in servings of one or two, so we tried small servings of a few kinds. The banana walnut pancakes were nicely dressed, the blueberry jam and fresh berries on the blueberry pancakes hit the spot, and the combination of fruit, ice cream, chocolate sauce, and nuts on the Australian Rocks pancakes worked. From the selection of salads, pasta, and savoury options on the menu we tried an order of chicken strips. They came freshly fried, covered with fresh cracked pepper and sided with dipping sauce. They were fine but we probably would stick to pancakes on future visits. Those who appreciate genuine maple syrup can add it to their pancakes for a surcharge. We passed on coffee in favour of a fragrant pot of rose flavoured black tea. The Pancake Garden is a decent date or friends’ meeting place with a ‘ladies who lunch’ atmosphere; there are patio tables for when the weather warms up. Pancakes 25-45RMB; most drinks 30RMB.

The Pancake Garden
The Pancake Garden  The Pancake Garden  The Pancake Garden