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Napoli Italian Restaurant
10am - 12pm
3 - B16, Tongzilin Rd.
028 8756 5515
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
On a recent afternoon MORE accepted Napoli’s invitation to stop by and sample their food and as we walked up a chef was snipping fresh arugula from their home grown garden patch. The restaurant, which also grows their own basil and rosemary, has been open since January and is not to be confused with a similarly named Italian restaurant that completed its tenure in Chengdu recently. Napoli’s menu is in Italian, English, and Chinese and features the expected pastas, risotto, pizzas, grilled meats, and desserts. We were impressed with the accessible wine list, with most reds, whites and sparklers all under 300RMB. We asked about the absence of barolo in the red section and they said they had them in stock but not on the menu, so it is worth asking about more special wines you might be in the mood for. House wine is not listed but offered at 30RMB/glass. They also offer limoncello, grappa, and sambuca by the shot, and cocktails top out at 40RMB.

The tables are set with salt and pepper, balsamico, and olive oil. We liked being able to dress our own salads and dip the bread. We sampled a tuna salad which was made from lettuce and their house arugula topped with tuna, grilled eggplant, cherry tomatoes, olives, hard boiled eggs, and pickled peppers. The thin crust pizza was blackened on the bottom from the 350 degree oven and the house made sauce was pretty tasty. The grilled homemade sausage was nicely marked and sided with corn, fries, and vegetables. Salad is also available as a side. The sausage is also available in a spicy version.

The space is family friendly with a kids’ menu and high chairs for little ones and even has toys to borrow. There is space for events of up to 30 people in the back area with a screen and space for a presentation. They also plan to hold events during the World Cup this year, especially when the Italy is playing. We expect Napoli will hold their own in the neighbourhood. They offer options for those who are in for a weeknight casual meal or a more special night out.

Napoli Italian Restaurant
Napoli Italian Restaurant   Napoli Italian Restaurant   Napoli Italian Restaurant