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3/F, Yanlord Landmark, 1 Sect. 2nd, South Renmin Rd.
028 8674 0269
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
We decided to do the work lunch thing one day and headed to Granada, on the third floor of the Yanlord Landmark building just south of Tianfu Square downtown. The well illustrated and bilingual menu features the kind of pan-Asian/Western fusion that would be at home in an international hotel chain. We like that they offer a large selection of lighter, hot weather fare like main dish salads, grilled vegetables, and thin crust pizzas.

The lunch set specials range from an RMB58 plate of kimchi and pork belly fried rice to an RMB128 plate of Japanese style grilled eel. The server said the Thai chicken curry is popular, and there are a couple of vegetarian offerings. We settled on Hainan chicken rice that arrived tender, served over a bed of cucumbers, and sided with three sauces – a hot pepper sauce, ginger and scallion oil, and a thick hoisin. It had the traditional accompaniments of rice that had been cooked in chicken soup and an additional bowl of chicken soup on the side. For dessert we asked for an order of macaroons, a specialty. The vanilla macaroon was sweet with flecks of real vanilla bean and the raspberry macaroon was sandwiched with raspberry jam. The caramel macaroon was fantastic, just enough bitter burnt sugar flavour in the filling to offset the sweetness. We would come back to Granada and try their popular afternoon tea set based on the macaroons.

Many guests were using the large outer deck, shielded from the street both architecturally and with plastic greenery, for a rest and smoke area. It would be a great place for the after work crowd to kill some time while waiting for the traffic to thin out, and is obviously a popular business lunch place. The room has a casual southern European feel with tiles and wood. Entrees and salads at Granada are between RMB100-150. Lunch sets run RMB60-130, and coffee and tea about RMB40 per serving. Cocktails are around RMB60. Several restaurants have come and gone in this location, but we think Granada is a place with staying power.

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