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Let's Burger
7/F, IFS, Hongxing Rd.
028 8658 6329
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
The panda sculpture on the roof of IFS now appears to be climbing over to get a whiff of grilled patties from the newly opened Let’s Burger. Since its opening, IFS continues to provide Chengdu’s downtown crowd with notable dining options and Let’s Burger, a Beijing family that just opened a branch in Chengdu, is one of the latest additions. Burgers are informal food that feel out of place in too elegant of an environment and the designers got the space right, a cool industrial interior with a luxe and relaxed atmosphere that provides a great setting for the menu.

Said menu offers many creative variations on the basic burger, including the front page Sichuan hot chic (sic) burger with spicy Sichuan sauce in honour of the location. There is a Hong Kong peanut butter toast burger, based on deep fried piece of Hong Kong style french toast, covered with a pat of butter, more peanut sauce, and the burger. One burger that we saw going out to a few tables was the devil burger, garnished with hot peppers in the shape of horns. We were pleasantly surprised to see a breakfast section on the menu, with a couple of benny-style dishes and a mixed grill. Cheeseburgers occupy a whole double page of the menu and include a cheese stuffed burger and a cheeseburger with wasabi. There are chicken, fish, and veggie burgers available but the main draw is the generously dressed beef burgers with their inch thick patties. Even a basic cheeseburger is a two-handed, open-wider sandwich that we ended up finishing with cutlery.

The side orders of fries are a carb loading fantasy, exceptionally long and thick and covered with various toppings. One style was sausage, cheese, and pickled peppers, or a Chengdu special spicy Sichuan style cheese fries. We tried the chicken mango curry fries. The curry had a real bite to it and the bits of mango were very refreshing. We want to come back to try every kind of fries and maybe order a plain burger on the side. When we dropped in servers were still getting up to speed and they were cash only. Burgers around 70-100RMB, sides and desserts around 60RMB.

Let's Burger
Let's Burger Let's Burger Let's Burger