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Nuhi's Original Deli
11am-11pm (kitchen close at 10:30pm)
2/F, Hyatt City, 9 South Section 1st, 1st Ring Rd.
028 8544 3365
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
It did not take long for a new eatery to move into the space previously occupied by the late lamented Kaffestugan. Nuhi’s Deli, which remains a very convenient place to drop in for coffee and wifi, has a few menu tributes to the previous tenant but takes a much different approach to the food and service. MORE was invited to drop by recently and found a basic, single page menu featuring a few pastas, salads, pizzas, and sandwiches. Nuhi, the proprietor, explained that by keeping things simple they can make more of their own food from scratch, which includes their own bread and their own ice cream.

With this simple of a menu the ingredients have to shine, and we were not disappointed as we dug into a tray of cured meats and cheeses that featured a very nice bresaola, mortadella, salami, and juicy olives. The cured meats were of high quality, nicely chewy and full of flavour without being too salty. The cheese selection included goat and a bleu, assertive choices which we don’t run into very often in town, and the house baked bread made a worthy escort for the selection.

The pizzas are served on a crispy and thin crust, and can be ordered with different toppings on both halves. We had one with anchovies, olives, and capers, which nicely complemented the cheese and crust. There is real fresh basil used on top as well as dried herbs in the sauce, and we would come back for any of the selections topped with any of their very good cured meats. There are vegetarian friendly options as well. The dessert tiramisu was served with extra coffee liqueur tinted mascarpone and the panna cotta was topped with a house made mango coulis. The drink menu was a work in progress when MORE dropped in but they have white and red wine by the glass and a choice of bottles ranging from 140RM to over 1,000MB. The fridge also has half a dozen imported beers. Pizzas 55RMB for 24cm or RMB78 for 32 cm; fruit smoothies RMB26.

Nuhi's Original Deli
Nuhi's Original Deli Nuhi's Original Deli Nuhi's Original Deli