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Meet Fresh
9am - 10pm
B12, Tianfu Square Subway Station.
028 6150 4277
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
This is a chain that appeared in Chengdu a few years ago, serving up Taiwan style desserts made from beans, grains, tofu, tapioca, the bitter dark jelly known as ‘xian cao’ and ‘yutou’, or small, chewy, gnocchi-like rice dumplings flavoured with taro, sweet potato. Shops serving this style of Chinese health food as dessert are common around town, but Meet Fresh has managed to become one of the most popular purveyors. On a recent weekday afternoon we walked by the Tianfu Square branch and noticed older folks, families, dates, and smart phone browsing solos all filling the tables with a customer demographic as varied as that which gathered under the golden arches across the way.

The house special is xian cao jelly with a few of the rice dumplings over sweetened shaved ice. The dou hua, soft sweetened tofu with various toppings, is refreshing and certainly healthier than ice cream. Several of their premium concoctions do include a scoop of ice cream or square chunks of a sorbet-like treat made from mango, taro, or beans. Many of the dishes can be served hot or cold so the place is also popular in cold weather, but we enjoy this kind of snack in in the summer best. The herb jelly is known to have a cooling effect on the body in summer and the square chunks of taro and red bean sorbet are crazy good. They also offer several drinks filled with beans and tofu chunks, which many customers were enjoying. We like that they eschew disposable bowls and cups in favour of real ceramic bowls and jar-style glasses for drinks. Most customers will pay around 20RMB per person.

Meet Fresh
Meet Fresh Meet Fresh