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Grandma's Kitchen
1/F, Hao You Duo Complex, North Gaoshengqiao Rd.
028 6998 0658
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Ever since the deeply missed Leanna’s moved from Shuhan street to the Suning Plaza, there has been a dearth of non-fast Western food options around the Gaoshengqiao neighbourhood. We were thus pretty excited to see a new branch of Grandma’s Kitchen being opened in the Hao You Duo complex behind the Roman Holiday Plaza. The seemingly endless construction process only heightened our anticipation and the place finally opened in August. It’s been busy with customers ever since the doors opened, and is the kind of place for those times when you feel like going out, you don’t feel like braving traffic, you want something served on real plates but don’t exactly want to break the bank either. Bingo – Grandma’s.

Like the other Grandma’s Kitchen spots, the menu is full of crowd pleasers like burgers and sandwiches, pizza, and salads. There is also steak and some more formal entrees for those who are in the mood for something a bit special. They do a small but strong enough Americano for twenty kuai served with real milk, and also offer afternoon tea specials with a drink and a a snack, well suited for a cup of coffee with a friend or an afternoon study or wifi session. Their weekend brunch was not yet available when we dropped in to check out breakfast but we were pretty satisfied with the high protein big American breakfast with toast, eggs and all kinds of meats.

When we’ve dropped by, most of the other diners were tucking into salads, burgers, and pizza. We really enjoyed the club sandwich, a good option for sharing and sided with fries. The Hawaiian burger was solid and topped with ham and pineapple. We’d probably go elsewhere for nachos, but the salad was generous and we like that it came with dressing on the side. The winner among the desserts we tried was the tangy lemon cheesecake. They have comfortable booths for groups and a few quiet corners for study or for dates. The servers are still getting up to speed but are quick to respond when waved over, and they have a few English speaking servers. Diners can expect to spend 40-50RMB at breakfast and 50-100RMB at other meals.

Grandma's Kitchen
Grandma's Kitchen Grandma's Kitchen