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Beer Nest II, Bar and Kitchen
2pm - 2am, snacks menu till midnight; 4pm-10pm for full menu
1/F, Master Commercial Street (next to Lazy Pug), 48-32, Section 4, South Renmin Rd.
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Chengdu’s second The Beer Nest opened in mid-August and, like the original, is dedicated to craft beer and beer culture. The new Nest notably boasts a superior fluid management system behind the bar, which now offers more than ten beers on tap. The evening MORE dropped in and was treated there were seven local craft beers on tap, one craft from Beijing, and four Belgian. We sampled several of the brews and were very impressed with the variety of flavours and styles (IPA’s, wheat beers, fruit beers, etc).

The other main development for the new The Beer Nest is the food menu, which has a good selection of casual and appealing dishes to complement the drinks. We dug into cheese croquettes with lots of melting cheese and potato sided with salsa. Their house cut fries, cooked fresh and served with sides of ketchup and home-made mayo, are not to be missed. The Caesar salad has traditional croutons and bacon bits and not so traditional apples and tomatoes; we have to admit the apples go really well with the bacon bits. The Beer Nest salad is a bit heartier with ham and cheese and beer in the dressing.

They offer a daily Happy Hour and special promotion (more info, see page 1 of this issue). The ribs have an elegant presentation with star anise and grilled oranges, but still taste best picked up and eaten cave man style. We tried a knockout mussels and fries dish, which will be a special with a glass of white wine or craft beer for 70RMB on Wednesdays, a great reason for a weeknight out. The dish can also be special ordered 48 hours in advance. The burger, a very generous patty on a good sized bun, will be another special with beer for 60RMB. Adding extra bacon, cheese and mushrooms is the real deal. Waffles, once rare in Chengdu, are now served in every coffee shop but we think the Belgian waffles at The Beer Nest are a must order, light and crispy and served with an excellent chocolate sauce that for sure isn’t Hershey’s. The space has a nice outdoor sitting area, a roomier space on two levels inside and a back corner with a projector that is a good spot for meetings or events.

Beer Nest II, Bar and Kitchen
Beer Nest II, Bar and Kitchen Beer Nest II, Bar and Kitchen