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Redbeard Burgers
Tuesdays - Sundays, 11am - 2pm & 5pm - 10pm
29, East Zijin Rd.
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
We've been hearing about something extraordinary going on in Tongzilin and finally dropped in to Redbeard Burgers to check it out. The place is run by an American couple, Jessi and Nick, who are both a little obsessed with getting food right. They process their own meat and grind it fresh every day, which means we can order burgers cooked to a very specific degree of doneness. Not only can we order burger cooked a little pink, the meat is good enough to actually enjoy prepared this way; for meat appreciators, a burger at Redbeard is an experience head and shoulders above most steaks we've eaten in town. The burgers come in fresh brioche buns that do an admirable job of containing the burger, and are sided with a cup of potato salad or coleslaw. Fries or onion rings, which come in generous portions, are ordered as sides. The buns, pickles, sides, and most sauces and toppings here are also homemade.

When MORE came in for a feed, we got a Handlebar, their most basic burger, and a Wizard, which is topped with an onion ring, bacon, and a generous hat of cheddar. The Chengdu Burger has a spicy sauce inspired by local barbecue and is topped with roasted green chilies. We like that they offer a build-your-own burger menu with a choice of toppings. The smothered French fries come in various tempting styles, like The Fat Elvis, topped with peanut butter, bacon, and banana, and The Cincinnati Special, which combines chili, cheese, and chopped onion. The same chili is also available to order by the bowl, with one of their fresh baked buns as a worthy escort. Processing that much meat produces a lot of bones, and they use these to make a thick, warming beef and vegetable soup --- the perfect thing on a chilly day. They have a full bar and Jessi, who was a bartender in a former life, can mix up whatever your please. On Sundays Redbeard also serves a few brunch dishes, like omelets and a burger with house made Hollandaise. The triple-layer dark chocolate cake is worth leaving room for. They've also just started doing delivery in the area. Burgers, 58RMB-78RMB; sides, 15RMB-35RMB; beer and wine by the glass up to 40RMB.

Burgers done well (or medium, or medium-rare, or extra-rare, or any way you like) by a Yankee couple passionate about food and particular about prep. Burgers to die for, mouth-watering anti-Atkins sides to kill for, and a range of homemade garnishes -- traditional toppings and those with Chengdu tese. Soup, sweets, and a range of drinks: Burgers, 58RMB-78RMB; sides, 15RMB-35RMB; beer and wine by the glass up to 40RMB. Bikini-season has passed. Just, so, Chengdu-it.

Redbeard Burgers
Redbeard Burgers