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Stay Restaurant
10:30am - 9:30pm
4, Dongfeng Rd., Jinjiang District
8444 3858
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
We noticed a lad browsing through a book of Western dessert recipes in the book store, and started chatting. We learned he was a cook in a Western restaurant in an area of town where independent Western restaurants are a rarity, so went over one evening to investigate.

The dining room has a few small tables near the river inside the east first ring, just around the corner from Xiang Xiang alley. The menu, which changes each month, lists a handful of starters, soups, pasta, pizza, mains, and desserts. The kitchen staff has cruise ship background.

A few triangles of toast landed on the table in a box to start us off, which made us not quite sure what to expect of the following dishes; but the appropriately-minimalist Caesar salad was nicely dressed with a good hit of garlic and had bacon bits. A potato pizza is not something we run into every day but it is one of their most popular menu items. It has cream-scented mashed potatoes spread over a crust, with a nicely browned layer of cheese on top. It is pretty satisfying cold weather food. From the list of main dishes we asked for the short rib, which was a nicely-cooked piece of New Zealand beef, presented with a steak sauce in a mini martini glass. The main event, however, was outshined by the sides – a very well-seasoned carrot puree scattered with roasted baby okra, asparagus, carrots, brussel sprouts, and grape tomatoes.

From the dessert section of the menu we tried the Napoleon, a layered classic that had delicate pastry layers and a stiff vanilla cream that held up nicely on the fork. The plate was decorated with some very good raspberry sauce, one which we thought deserved a more absorbent escort. We saw other diners ordering spaghetti and desserts. The server understood the dishes well and was good about refilling water glasses and changing plates between courses, but although the food was very well seasoned the background music was a bit too sweet for our tastes. Diners can expect to pay 100-150RMB per guest.

Stay Restaurant
Stay Restaurant