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Et Moi
11am-7pm, Tuedays-Sundays
1-2503, Excellency, 3 Dacisi Rd.

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Et Moi is a recently opened French pastry studio and cafe with two Cordon Bleu pastry chefs in the kitchen. We dropped by on a sunny winter afternoon to see a repertoire of very traditional French desserts on the chalkboard menu, including a Lemon Tart, Napoleon, Bavarois, Fruit Mousse and Opera Cake. They make the desserts fresh daily, so only a few of the pastries are available on a given day. The menu is in French and Chinese, no English, but fortunately it is easy enough to order by pointing; however, every time we've stopped in there have been English-speaking staff on hand who are very willing to explain the flavours and ingredients in each offering. We sampled a Berry Mousse that had sugar dusted layers of mousse, pastry cream, raspberry jelly and a cookie base. We also tried something called Douceur Chocolat – a chocolate base topped with dollops of ganache and milk chocolate discs. The cakes on offer that day were 28-38RMB, which is very reasonable for this standard of French pastries.

They are very into the DIY trend and have a selection of classes: some hands-on and some demo classes. The classes run regularly and are advertised on their WeChat. Private classes can also be arranged. They also plan to offer French coffees and teas, but on our most recent visit, their beverage programme was still on its way, so they were serving generic coffee and tea for a very reasonable 15RMB per cup. Several customers were braving the afternoon chill to enjoy tea and sweets on their balcony, which is on the 25th floor and has a fantastic view of the river. The location is a short walk from Tai Koo Li. We've long thought there are enough people in Chengdu who enjoy the finer things in life to support a few more serious bakeries, so we hope this place takes off and shares in raising the local standards for pastries and desserts.

Et Moi
Et Moi