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Ke Mei Gourmet
B1, Tianxiang Mall, intersection of Guanghua Village St. and Ring 2nd Rd., Qingyang District
6131 7151

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Ke Mei Gourmet is a Western and Malaysian fusion restaurant that recently opened in a comfortable former coffee shop at Guanghua Village. MORE dropped in to chat with proprietor Mr. Boon (who hails from Malaysia) and were treated to a few dishes. The restaurant's most popular offerings are the Western dishes on the menu, including burgers, wings, pastas and pizzas. We tried a very nice charcoal grilled hamburger with a house-made patty and bun sided with thin fries covered with spicy pepper. However, we were more interested in exploring the Malaysian offerings on the menu. Malaysian cuisine is a mix of Indian, Chinese and Southeast Asian influences and is sadly under-represented in Chengdu. We soon found ourselves digging into some of the more unique dishes we've tried in town lately.

The Chicken and Beef Satay Skewers were tender grilled meat that had been marinated and sided with a lively peanut sauce that tamed the spicy heat of the skewers nicely. The cucumbers, onions, and little cubes of sticky rice on the side were a great complement. We tried a Nasi Lemak set, with tender chicken on the bone and potatoes in a rich curry sauce and coconut rice with a variety of toppings on the side. The Seafood Curry was a bit more on the sour side. The Sambal Fried Rice was one of the best fried rice dishes we've ever tried. It was topped with a few rings of squid and sided with some crispy pieces of tofu. We also sampled a dish called Indian Style Mamak Fried Noodles that included tofu and beef and egg in a rich and spicy sauce. The Southeast Asian White Coffee really took the edge off the curry – its mildness should suit local tastes. From the list of desserts, we tried a warm brownie served in a cast iron pan with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with a maraschino cherry and fudge sauce, which was drizzled tableside.

We like how the diner wants to try something a bit different: You can come here to eat with the guy who always has to get a burger, and both of you will end up equally happy with what the menu has to offer. The location is close to the 2nd Ring, near the Guanghua Village BRT stop. There are also party and private kitchen set meals for around 150-250 per person; the regular menu is a bit north of 50RMB per person.

Ke Mei Gourmet
Ke Mei Gourmet Ke Mei Gourmet