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Topees Pancake House
3005-A, Meixi Plaza, 49 East Zijing Rd.
8337 5037
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
We get a sense of deja vu when walking into Topee's Pancake House, with good reason - they are a sister brand of Peter's. So the comfortable place settings, the checked tablecloths, the server's uniforms and the diner style salt and pepper shakers on the tables are all features that are similar to the Tex-Mex chain. The family resemblance extends to the menu, with their familiar food items and easy prices. The stars of the show at Topee's are the thick, American-style Pancakes with various toppings. We tried a filling stack of three pancakes topped with fragrant cinnamon apples and butter. They also do pancakes topped with banana and walnuts and blueberry pancakes.

Besides the thick pancakes, there are a few other varieties of breakfast carbs on the menu, such as crepes and waffles. We tried a Crepe Stuffed with Chicken, Mushroom, Onions and Spinach. It was pretty good. We also checked out their Mexican Breakfast Burritos, something which we would expect to find on a Peter's menu, with flour tortillas wrapped around scrambled eggs and spicy seasoned ground meat. They were covered with a tiny bit of cheese and sided with some very good seasoned home fried potatoes.

There were other sweet and savoury breakfast sets, including bacon and eggs and steak and eggs for less than 70RMB. There are a few sandwiches and burgers on the menu as well. The coffee was 19RMB or 10RMB with breakfast orders; cost with drinks should be around 50RMB per person. The carrot cake, cheesecake and other desserts lean American homestyle and well suit the menu and the space. We are happy to have a new family and budget friendly brunch spot in town.

Topees Pancake House
Topees Pancake House Topees Pancake House