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Song's Bread
12-13 North Kehua Rd.
8501 5299
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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
We noticed this Chuan Da area bakery has started to offer Singaporean breakfast and set meals along with baked goods and sweets, so we had to check it out. The menu is well illustrated and has English names of dishes, but most of the flavour and ingredients notes are in Chinese. For example, the explanations of how the Singapore style coffee has milk added, Coffee O has sugar, Coffee C includes sugar and milk, and Coffee Koson is black are all in characters. Fortunately most of the menu is more straightforward, and the efficient sneeze guarded staff in the spotless open kitchen put together orders carefully.

We asked for the chicken leg over rice, which resembled nasi lemak visually but the rice was plain rather than coconut. The chicken leg was nicely stewed without being overcooked and was well complemented by its sides of carrots, shiitake mushrooms, salty dried mini anchovies, crunchy peanuts, cucumber slices and spicy pickled vegetable. The gravy had a boil in the bag quality, but altogether it was a decent dish. Looking for a bite of something sweet, we examined the baking and cakes on offer before deciding we had to try their kaya (coconut and egg jam) toast. Kaya toast is available in red, green or durian flavour, so of course we had to pick durian, which was very nice – fragrant both from the jam and toasted bread.

The vintage nautical themed interior and pop girl soundtrack make a comfortable background for wood chairs and tables that seat up to three. There is lots of counter seating and electrical outlets, but their in house wifi requires a WeChat add, so we stuck with our mobile data plan for internet. They offer a 26RMB breakfast special with two soft boiled eggs, tea or coffee, and choice of toast. There is also a 29RMB lunch special with laksa or curry chicken and a drink. Drinks 10RMB-20RMB; baked goods and snacks around 10RMB; set meals 20RMB-30RMB.

Song's Bread
Song's Bread Song's Bread