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Bamboo Sea
8am - 5pm
Wanling Town, Changning, Yibin
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Pete Sweeney (more chengdu)
While Western Sichuan gets the bulk of the attention from the nature-loving traveler, the Bamboo Sea in Southeast Sichuan, which was featured in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, merits an expedition. The Bamboo Sea is aptly named; a gorgeous primeval forest of bamboo spanning some 120 square kilometers of steep ridges, cliffs and cataracts, interspersed with lakes, ornate cliff carvings and, alas, plenty of knickknackerias selling bamboo products. While the spot is marketed as an “eco-tourism” site, the only sustainable practice we observed was the fact that it doesn’t get much more renewable than bamboo, so you can buy all the bamboo vases, crossbows, drink coasters, etc. you can fit on the bus with an easy conscience.

Getting there, around, and away is less convenient than some of the more developed sites. Still, it’s only about four hours away and so an easy weekend trip. Regular busses run twice daily from Chengdu (Xinanmen Bus Station) straight into the gateway town, Changning, where you can either debark or get straight onto the shuttle taxi which will take you into the park and the higher lodging prices therein (180-300RMB). You can get a taxi to take you around to all of the spots for the day (~280RMB) but it is a little difficult to comparison shop. Getting back, you can either take the direct bus back to Chengdu in the morning or bus back from the park into Wanli Zhen, bus from there to Yibin, in Yibin take a taxi to the main bus terminal (Gaoke Zhan), which will send you back to Chengdu.

Tickets: 68RMB Ropeway ticket: 30RMB

Bamboo Sea
Bamboo Sea