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Emei Shan
8:30am - 5:30pm
Located in the central south of Sichuan, Southwest of Sichuan Basin, 160 kilometers away from Chengdu, about 7 kilometers on the Southwest of Emei Shan City.
083 3559 0111
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Bill Stranberg (more chengdu)
Once we decided on Leshan, we had to go with Emei Shan as well. Emei is just a bit farther down the road from the Big Buddha and is truly one of the places you can’t miss even if you’re only in Chengdu for a short while.
There are multiple ways to go about sightseeing at Emei. If you happen to be an intrepid trekker, the mountain’s got stairs from top to bottom. That’s 4,270 meters worth of steps. There are also cable cars to take you part of the way and a road that will take you straight to the summit. Along the paths, you’ll come across numerous temples complete with vegetarian eateries, monks with incense, and even beds to sleep on for the night (expect to pay around 50-100 kuai/person). Around every bend are breathtaking sights of mountain slopes, flora, fauna, monkeys, pilgrims and other tourists. A warning about the monkeys: they are f@#ing aggressive. We had to open up some cans of whoopass on a couple when we were hiking up. Just make sure not to pull out any food or drink bottles when they’re around. Effin bastards!!!
We suggest being wary of the time you choose to go. Expect a two to three day trip, and to avoid the crowds, pick those days wisely. There’s a good chance that the summit will be covered in clouds, but on the off chance that it’s not, the peak peeks over the cloud line, exposing the heavenly landscape that was the original attraction to the mountain centuries ago. Legend has it that, in the right conditions, if you look over the edge, you’ll see a buddha seated upon an elephant encircled with a rainbow and waving at you. Just wave back. Tickets-60RMB

Emei Shan
Emei Shan