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Holidays House Rental
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This 60-year-old Frenchman was taking a year off for touring the world when he arrived in China in October 2003. Arriving in Yunnan from Vietnam he was stunned by the beauty of Dali with its superb Erhai Lake and gorgeous Cang Shang mountains. After finishing his world tour through Russia and Eastern Europe, he decided to go back to China and buy some property, but there was nothing like a real estate agency there. So he stuck a hundred small posters on various walls around town and got some answers. He was surprised that the buying process was much easier than he had expected it to be. With the help of a French interior decorator he renovated and extended the house giving it the modern facilities it required such as a modern kitchen, bathroom and lounge all decorated with French themes and furniture.

Visitors liked his house (see pictures) so much that they asked him if it was available for renting.

It gave him the idea to look around for more property and he found, right on the lakeshore, a farmhouse with 450 square meters of land for sale. Of course, it would take a lot of work to fix this place up but it was also a real opportunity considering its location. After 6 months of renovations he had finished the 7 bedroom, 2 bathroom house with a lounge complete with pool table, a flowered garden, a barbecue area. Internet is available as well as bicycles for his guests. A couple has already booked it already for their wedding party this Christmas.

He repeated this process, buying two more houses in Old Town and also a lovely traditional Naxi house in Lijiang. He now owns 5 houses ranging from the small, “Love Nest,” suitable for a couple with two children, to the big, “Lakeshore House,” which can hold 8 to 10 people. The smashing, “Pagoda House,” in Lijiang has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms can also accommodate a big family.

On his website you can visit his houses and get all information you need. His staff is there to help organize all tours and excursions to help guest discover the magic of these two ancient cities.

Holidays House Rental
Holidays House Rental Holidays House Rental Holidays House Rental