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East Lake Park
24 Hours
99 East Section 5, 2nd Ring Rd.
028 8556 8847
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Mark Hiew (more chengdu)
There was a moment as I gazed out from the glass promontory over the large, serene lake of East Lake Park *located off the 2nd Ring Road in Chengdu’s south, where I forgot that I was in China. On a pleasant weekend afternoon such as this one, other parks would be teeming, with a section of the park filled with Viennese waltzers, chess players and maybe some local amateur opera troupes.

But this is a very different park. The median age is decidedly younger, with most of its patrons being young, upwardly mobile families and couples. There are several chic teahouses and bars, and a venue that is rented out for weddings. As a symbol of its young demographic, there are no ping pong tables, but rather, a bustling basketball court. Most people choose to find a quiet spot overlooking the lake, or to fly kites and stroll the park’s meticulously maintained, landscaped grounds. Most refreshingly, it’s rarely crowded, with tranquility to spare.

East Lake Park, whilst certainly a public park (there’s no admission charge), appears to have some agreement with Jade City, a futuristic apartment complex located immediately outside the park. For those interested in property or simply curious, wander through the luxurious display home and outdoor facilities located near the park’s main entrance. As you wander around, you’ll find those usual distinctions between Chinese and Western parks blurring: whether this is desirable or not depends on what you’re personally seeking from your leisure time.

East Lake Park
East Lake Park East Lake Park