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Re-C Art Space
Tuesday-Sunday, 11am – 7pm
48 Caotang Rd., Qingyang District
028 8543 9033(ext. 602)
028 8543 7300
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Mark Hiew (more chengdu)
Chengdu is well known as a creative hub, but for all the talk of its budding art scene, there’s been a shortage of galleries featuring local artists. Enter Re-C, located behind Dufu’s Cottage in the west of the city, whose curator, Zhao Huan, opened the center to serve as a less-commercial space that nurtures the artists.

Having only recently opened in March, Re-C, (where “Re” = “renew,” and “C”= “Chengdu,”) is an ideal venue, occupying a spacious 1,000-plus square meters of exhibition space. Its industrial-chic motif evokes the warehouse districts of Beijing and Shanghai, and is nicely rounded out with a stylish silver lounge and shop.

Chengdu native Ms. Huan envisions the space supporting contemporary art by “building a stage for avant-garde thinking and bridging the gap between artists and institutions.” Upon returning from six years in Holland, she worked at K Gallery, but wanted to start a space to display local, less famous work. Toward this end, Re-C’s non-profit foundation runs projects to support independent curators and young local artists, offering an alternative to flocking to China’s east coast art enclaves, as current practice seems to dictate.

“Fill with Test,” the gallery’s second major exhibit (running from April 18th to May 10th) features seven local artists born in the 1970s and 80s, and focuses on the ideological contradictions and emotional tumult stemming from that period. From Pu Haomiao’s twisted fairy-tale scenes to Qinqing’s surreal dreamscapes, the exhibit explores an impressively wide range of psychological states. Planned future events include installations, video art, a film festival month and live music.

Re-C Art Space
Re-C Art Space Re-C Art Space Re-C Art Space