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Feima Gallery
9:30am – 6pm
9 Shenglong St., Wuhou District (within circular building behind American consulate)
028 8521 3986
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Mark Hiew (more chengdu)
Chinese contemporary art has a reputation for being rather crudely “avant-garde” within some circles. Western galleries seem focused on artists associated with the “Cynical Realism” movement, like Yue Minjun, and his absurdist, laughing self-figures in terracotta army form or the provocative Liu Wei, who created a Chinese landscape of bare asses. But other contemporary forms, less ironic and more measured in tone, are also growing. Feima Gallery, located near the American consulate, is a hub for the “Oriental Expressionism” oil painting movement.

Located on a quiet, leafy street just south of the American consulate, Feima is housed on the ground floor of a unique circular building, also home to a Japanese cultural exchange organization and the Chengdu Blades football club. It’s small, but well-utilized circular space features a series of semi-sealed displays, rotating each month, but always featuring Chinese contemporary expressionist oil painters. There are basic, English captions, while a comfortable, central spread of sofas offers languorous seated viewings.

“Ode to Lotus - Six Songs” (荷颂-六歌), by Lin Quan (林泉) is an ambitious, experimentally psychological exhibit that is as much a study in color as it is civic dedication. Spurred by 2008’s Wenchuan earthquake, the exhibit catalogues the artist’s reactions through six odes, ranging in tone from the somber, “Premature Death of the Soul,” to the uplifting, “Goodwill Acts Off the Street,” almost all through meditations on the lotus. The work isn’t always triumphant—that’s not the point of experimental art—but it probes and questions from a local aesthetic frame that is refreshingly non-commercial and muted. Something many interested in contemporary art will certainly appreciate.

Feima Gallery
Feima Gallery Feima Gallery