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Shuadu Lane
19 Wuhouci St.

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Mark Hiew (more chengdu)
Sometimes it feels like the entire population of Chengdu is out at night. Whether they’re tucking in on kiddy stools outside shaokao stands, belting out ballads at KTV, or spilling out of clubs after one too many whisky green teas, this is a city that requires no additional prodding to have a good time. Shuadu (“Pleasure”) Lane, located in the central west of the city close to Nanmen Da Qiao (South Gate Bridge), and within walking distance of Wuhou Temple and Jinli Street, is a restaurant and bar-filled leisure center suitable for families and young revelers alike.

Highly regarded amongst locals, the cobble-stoned area has a Coliseum-like layout, if the Coliseum featured sweeping eaves and traditional Chinese lanterns. The center contains a large outdoor bowl of tables and chairs, with a stage for performances and karaoke behind it. The complex itself is built upon several levels. The downstairs businesses are largely hotpot and traditional restaurants. Grilled fish (nong fu kao yu) and King’s bone soup (gu tang wang) are some of the area’s famous dishes. The upper section features clubs and KTV.

Neon lights and playful statues of neighborhood life (a life that perhaps existed here prior to construction) are laid out along the paths, creating a light-hearted atmosphere. In the evening, restaurants teem with families and young professionals blowing off steam. To the east side of the complex lies “shaokao lane,” an alley filled with hawkers whose sales pitch patter make for a gauntlet when heading to Salut (reviewed earlier), the city’s wonderful Spanish tapas bar and restaurant. From here, the clubs around the large boat and inviting riverside streets are just a few minutes walk away.

Next time you’re searching for some of Chengdu’s irrepressible liveliness, some classic dishes, silly karaoke, or a pleasant riverside stroll, take a cruise around Shuadu Lane.

Shuadu Lane
Shuadu Lane Shuadu Lane Shuadu Lane