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Jianchuan Museum
9am - 5:30pm
Anren Town, Chengdu
028 8831 8000
028 8831 9000

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Ticket: 100RMB
Busses: Chengdu Jinsha Bus Station; Chengdu Shiyangchang Bus Station; Chengdu Shuangliou Bus Station

The Jianchuan Musuem cluster is huge. There are over a dozen museums spread throughout a total area of 500 acres. In a country where the history stretches back thousands of years, the museum celebrates modern rather than ancient events, with a few main themes among the buildings. There is the Anti-Japanese War Museum Series, the Red Age Museum Series, the Folk Museum Series, and the Earthquake Museum series.

The architecture of each museum uniquely complements each display and theme. This is particularly evident in the Badges, Seals, and Clocks Museum, where displays of ticking clocks along a curved wall give the visitor an almost eerie feeling of time passing, and in the Women's Tiny Shoes museum with its uneven floors. The Cultural Revolution Porcelain Art Gallery gives a sense of what happened to fine and traditional art during that period of history. An outdoor display of red handprints from veterans of the Anti-Japanese War is the most compelling of the war series.

The Earthquake Museum is devoted to the Sichuan earthquake of 2008. There is an earthquake science section, relics, vehicles from the rescue effort, and a collection of earthquake-inspired art. Even if the hand wipes Premier Wen used on his famous flight out to the region does not move you, the displays are bound to stir memories and emotions from that time.

There are other museums in the area such as the Liu Family Manor and the Western Sichuan Folk Museum. It's a bit much museum to cram into one day so visitors to Jianchuan are advised to choose the themes they find most interesting. Buses to Anren leave regularly from Shiyangchang Station in the south, or day trips can be arranged through many agencies.

Jianchuan Museum
Jianchuan Museum Jianchuan Museum Jianchuan Museum