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Jiezi Old Town
Fengqi Mountain is 25km northwest of Chongzhou City, which is located about 25km west of Chengdu

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Susan Johnson (more chengdu)
Ticket: Free admission
Busses: Busses depart every 30 minutes from the Chengdu Jinsha Bus Station to Jiezi Town. Service begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 5:40 p.m. You can also take a bus from Chongzhou to Jiezi Town.

Jiezi is an old-style town located in the Mt. Qingcheng/Dujiangyan area whose history stretches back to the storied Tang dynasty. The location has the 'mountains and water' combination that is so appreciated in China, and makes for one of those day trips outside the city where you can take in a little nature and a little history all in the same visit. There is an easy walking trail along the river that will take you along the mountain side and over a couple of bridges. There is one rather low and rickety bamboo foot bridge that you can also cross if you dare. The main historic site is an old temple, and there are a few other minor structures such as the Wastepaper Library, the Yulong Bridge, and the Ancient Weijiang Dock which give a flavor of what life was like long ago in the area.

Local products include ye'er ba, steamed sticky rice dumplings stuffed with a meat and pickled vegetables or sweet bean filling. We also had some excellent you bing, fried dough with a runny brown sugar filling. We found a restaurant overlooking Gingko Square in the old town area which served up excellent home-style food, using local ingredients like the fantastic lao la rou (bacon). Instead of a menu, guests select dishes from whatever is on hand in the kitchen.

Jiezi is under development and quite a bit of construction is still going on, especially in the old-style town section, but the place is quickly growing in popularity as a leisure destination. The bus to take to Jiezi is the Y17 from the Chengdu Jinsha Station, and on the day we visited the latest buses back to Chengdu left Jiezi between 3 and 4 p.m. so we had to make a detour to Chongzhou before returning to Chengdu. There is also plenty of lodging for overnight trips. We were quoted Y50 a night for a no-frills double room, and a few higher end hotels and guest farms also operate in the area.

Jiezi Old Town
Jiezi Old Town Jiezi Old Town Jiezi Old Town