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@ World Computer City
17 South Section 2, 1st Ring Rd.

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Susan Johnson (More chengdu)
Anchored on the north side of the street by @World and on the south side by the Digital Plaza, this stretch of road between Renmin Nan Road and Moziqiao is a magnet for those whose needs and desires take electronic form. Both @World and the Digital Plaza have several stories of computers and gadgets for personal, home, car, or office use. The rest of the street also has many shops that fit the high-tech theme. You can buy second hand computers, have anything electronic repaired, buy networking or sound equipment, or bring your old stuff to be recycled.

All the usual cautions apply while shopping in Computer City, where the sales staff can be quite aggressive. Bargaining skills are essential, and it pays to make sure what comes in the box they hand you is the actual make and model that you agreed to buy. We've had best success with reverse bargaining – stating a budget up front, and then asking for the best product they have within the budget. Shoppers should always ask about warranties, which are also fair game for bargaining, and get the terms written out on their receipt. If you have a choice between buying a big ticket item locally or in another country, it pays to check out the price there first as it's often cheaper.

Still, Computer City is a fascinating place for techies to spend hands-on time with the latest toys. Componets and accessories, cables, hand tools, and soldering irons are also available, and for very cheap, for those who wish to DIY. For visitors to Chengdu, Computer City is also a unique opportunity to check out many products and brands from Taiwan, Korea, and the mainland which may not be available in one's own country.

@ World Computer City
@ World Computer City @ World Computer City