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Jiu Qian Tang
24-34 Longmen Lane, Shuangnan Road
135 4068 8882
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Pete Sweeney (more chengdu)
Jiu Qian Tang was founded in 2005 with special service of Chinese medicine treatments. All staffs in Jiu Qian Tang are experienced experts from different medical colleges, highly excelled in acupuncture, massage and healing treatment.

Jiu Qian Tang is located at 24-34, Longmen Alley, Shuangnan Road, Wuhou District (Opposite to the Ren Ren Le Super Market), and major project of Jiu Qian Tang is that massage treats diseases and pain of cervical vertebra, lumbar vertebra, muscles, ligaments, joints and internal organs such as spleen, stomach and large intestine with diagnosis and massage manipulation. Acupuncture doctors from Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine do acupuncture on every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

Major projects:
Name of Projects Duration Price
Traditional massage 65 min RMB 48
Regulating spine massage 80 min RMB 88
Feet massage with Tibetan herbs 110 min RMB 68
Massage treatment 40 min RMB 38
Fire pot 20 min RMB 15
Acupuncture 60 min RMB 58

Since the start of Jiu Qian Tang, it has been favored by lots of our customers and friends. Please come to Jui Qian Tang to have a different experience of relax sensation, and let us serve you with professional Chinese medicine technique. Choosing Jiu Qian Tang is choosing green health.

Jiu Qian Tang
Jiu Qian Tang Jiu Qian Tang